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Automatic temperature measurement

Automatic temperature measurement using thermal imaging cameras

The solution we offer is based on a dual IP camera with a thermal imaging module. The thermal imaging module in the camera enables contact-free measurement body temperature. We comprehensively install and configure systems that warn of people with high temperatures entering the premises.

We provide services to:

  • office buildings and complexes
  • shopping centres and galleries
  • clinics, outpatient clinics, hospitals
  • catering facilities
  • hotels
  • industrial and sports halls

Why a thermal imaging camera system helps ensure security

The basic assumption for the installation of the measurement system is to reduce the risk of entry into the protected area of persons potentially infected with COVID-19 (with temperature above 37.3°C) The instant and non-contact elevated temperature detection system will ensure an immediate response from the relevant services, who can prevent the entry of potentially infected persons or carry out additional verification.

A ‘tailor-made’ non-contact temperature measurement set

The basic elements of the proposed set are:

1. Control station - responsible for providing live viewing from thermal cameras, review of archived events and alarms. It provides real-time alarms on the occurrence of defined alarms.

2. Recorder - responsible for archiving high resolution images and thermographic images from the cameras It archives alarms and their pictures.

3. Thermographic camera

  • It performs instantaneous temperature measurements
  • It has a state-of-the-art algorithm for face recognition
  • It has a very high measuring accuracy of <0.3°C
  • It performs temperature measurements of persons wearing masks and glasses
  • It generates an audible alarm
  • A non-contact temperature measurement set is prepared according to the customer’s needs and expectations. Basic components can be retrofitted with voice alarms with any message emitted during the alarm or other executive devices.

We offer a non-contact temperature measurement set that is almost immediately available. The delivery and installation time depends directly on the quantity and availability of additional devices selected according to the customer’s instructions.