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Building management system (BMS)s

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BMS design and implementation

Our experienced and trained team of engineers, specialists, technicians, certificates possessed, service team composed of specialised professionals available 24 hours a day, and customer orientation – these are our advantages.

WWe offer the latest and proven BMS solutions from global manufacturers. We design, install, programme and launch controllers and BMSs from scratch, as well as service, modernise and repair existing automation systems and BMSs. Feel free to contact us.

Within the scope of building automation, we perform:

  • automation system and BMS designs from concept to detailed inter-branch agreements in the executive design
  • comprehensive execution of installations in new facilities along with start-up and commissioning
  • automation of ventilation, heating and cooling stations, monitoring of facility alarms, lighting control
  • integration of equipment and systems through available communication protocols
  • prefabrication of automation and BMS cabinets and boards
  • acceptance audits of automation installations
  • warranty and post-warranty service – 24h

We provide services for large facilities, where reliability of installation operation is a priority, in particular for class A office and industrial facilities.