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Development of commercial installations

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Development of commercial installations

We manage the full investment process, which includes the construction, commercialisation and development of large-scale photovoltaic investments funded by PPAs.

The investment process includes:

  • preparation of a full business plan for the project;
  • establishment and management of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) established to carry out the investment;
  • acquiring suitable land for the installation or running the project on the land entrusted to us;
  • obtaining all administrative decisions (including the preparation of an environmental report), connection conditions and a construction permit;
  • participation in an auction organised by the ERO;

    - obtaining external financing;

  • obtaining a concession for energy production;
  • carrying out construction and assembly works or selecting a contractor;
  • management of energy sales;
  • servicing and maintaining the installation;
  • assistance in commercialisation of the project, if so decided.

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