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Logistics facilities

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Logistics facilities

Entrust the technical maintenance of logistics facilities to a team of professionals.

We comprehensively service logistics facilities, including halls, warehouses and logistics centres. We carry out repairs, reviews, inspections and maintenance. We carry out orders for installations (e.g. ventilation, air conditioning), building automation, cleaning services and property protection. We place emphasis on the specialisation and professionalism of our staff. The support of experienced engineers and specialists allows us to create and improve proprietary tools that enable the efficient technical service of logistics facilities.

Our comprehensive, professional technical service translates into a guaranteed customer satisfaction, which consists of and significant reduction of costs related to the use of logistics and warehousing facilities, as well as increased safety and comfort of work of the employed teams.

Entrusting the maintenance of a facility to a team of professionals minimises the level of risk, ensures the continuity of halls and warehouses and reduces the consequences associated with potential downtime, which is extremely important from the point of view of the logistics industry.

We invite you to our company.

We provide high quality services in the field of:

  • technical service, including repairs, reviews, audits, inspections and maintenance of all building installations
  • Design and construction of installations
  • modernisation and reconstruction of existing building installations
  • space modernisation and reconstruction
  • technical consultancy
  • supply of consumables
  • supply of fuel for generators
  • protection of facility and personal property
  • maintaining cleanliness
  • power emergency service
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • handyman service

We guarantee:

  • the highest standard of services on the market, confirmed by certificates
  • qualified and experienced team of employees
  • modern technical, service and IT solutions
  • high quality equipment
  • individual approach
  • security in every area

We provide services to business customers, facility managers and owners.