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Ozonisation of office spaces

Ozonisation of office spaces.

We offer an ozonisation service. Our specialised personnel will carry out a specialised ozonisation service in your facility according to safety rules.

As far as the ozonisation service is concerned, we service:

  • office buildings and complexes
  • shopping centres and galleries
  • clinics, outpatient clinics, hospitals
  • catering facilities
  • hotels
  • industrial and sports halls

Application of the ozonisation process

Ozonisation is widely used as a very effective method of cleaning and disinfecting rooms. Ozonisation effectively reduces the risk of infection with viruses (including coronavirus or influenza virus) and bacteria – it has a bactericidal, fungicidal effect, which is confirmed by numerous scientific studies. Ozonisation is perfect for the removal of biological contamination and for water treatment. It also removes unpleasant smells and fumes such as musty smells, burning smells and cigarette smoke.

Why ozonisation helps to ensure human safety

Regular ozone disinfection of surfaces or equipment effectively reduces the risk of contracting a virus, should a sick person or suspected disease be present.

We guarantee:

  • the highest standard of services on the market
  • qualified and experienced team of employees
  • top class equipment
  • documentation of performed works
  • prompt response to requests

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