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Technical inspections

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Technical maintenance of office, logistic and production buildings.

We take proper care of the condition of buildings and devices by managing them and the facilities. We use existing solutions, propose and introduce new ones. We offer the user maximum comfort, safety and personalisation of conditions at the workplace.

Our comprehensive services, a team of specialists and automated operations guarantee customer satisfaction and a significant reduction of costs arising from the use of facilities.

The high quality of the technical service we carry out directly minimises the level of risk and ensures the continuity of operation of buildings and the teams working in them.

We offer:

  • Technical service, including repairs, inspections, audits
  • Inspection and maintenance of installations
  • Building automation
  • Design, construction, modernisation and reconstruction of building installations
  • Space modernisation and reconstruction
  • Technical consultancy
  • Supply of consumables
  • Supply of fuel for generators
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Handyman service”

Technical inspections

The technical condition of a building should assure its safe use. The technical inspection is obligatory according to Article 62 of the Act on Construction Law.

Annual inspections:

It is obligatory to have a periodic inspection at least once a year to check:

  • Implementation of recommendations from previous audits
  • Technical condition of the building parts
  • Installations and devices contributing to environmental protection
  • Gas installations and chimney flues (smoke, fume and ventilation flues)

Five-year inspections:

The scope of a 5-year inspection covers the verification of:

  • Implementation of recommendations from previous audits
  • Technical condition of the building and its suitability for use
  • The aesthetics of the building and its surroundings
  • Electrical and lightning installations in terms of efficiency of connections, resistance of conductors insulation and earthing of installations and apparatus.