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Design and implementation of ventilation systems

As part of our service of ventilation systems, we provide a comprehensive service from the design through the implementation and commissioning of office and industrial ventilation systems.

We specialise in carrying out installations of ventilation equipment in large buildings, office buildings, hotels, shopping centres, hospitals, industrial and catering facilities. For more information, please call us directly or use the form on the contact page.

We offer:

  • design of ventilation installation
  • execution of executive projects for the reconstruction and modernisation of ventilation installation
  • selection and valuation of ventilation equipment
  • installation and commissioning of ventilation equipment
  • modernisation or exchange of ventilation installation equipment
  • measurements of indoor air environment parameters (humidity, temperature, pressure difference, noise)
  • protocols for testing the effectiveness of ventilation
  • cleaning and sanitation of devices and ventilation ducts
  • comprehensive servicing of industrial ventilation equipment
  • repairs of ventilation equipment, troubleshooting

We are authorised to install ventilation equipment created by VTS and other manufacturers.